Cascara is nature’s original energy source. It’s the fleshy fruit around the coffee bean! Some people might not know that the coffee bean is just the pit inside a berry. Typically, in coffee farming only the beans are preserved. The fruit is removed and discarded. We turned the by-product into our hero-ingredient. Cascara contains caffeine, is rich in antioxidants, and has a wonderful fruity taste.

We carefully source from farms with some of the best soil in Latin America to make sure the fruit tastes outstandingly good. Our coffee berries are hand-picked and carefully processed with the natural dry method (simple sun drying = saving water). We direct trade with a select number of small coffee farmers.

Each 12 fl oz can contains 90 mg of clean, natural caffeine. This is about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

The clean caffeine in UP TO GOOD comes from one single ingredient source, the natural coffee fruit (Cascara). The energy boost is long lasting and contributes to sustained focus. Most energy drinks are chemical based, giving you jitters, and after the kick comes the sudden crash.

No! Just the coffee berries’ natural fruit sugar plus a tiny bit sweetness from our natural stevia and erythritol blend.

Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products or waste materials into new products of better quality and environmental value. We think upcycling is the new recycling! We upcycle coffee fruits (a by-product of the coffee-craze) to reduce waste, decrease water usage, and increase income for direct trade coffee farmers.

You can store it at room temperature, but, UP TO GOOD is best enjoyed chilled. Fill up your fridge and enjoy ice cold!

We do not recommend caffeinated drinks for children or pregnant/nursing women and persons sensitive to caffeine.

Just order directly from this site and have UP TO GOOD delivered to right your home! We also offer our beverages in a select number of locations across the US and are quickly adding more.

Yippee! Right on! Please drop us a line via email and we will be in touch. Thanks for your support.



Not really, but we have our bird in the logo. It's a warbler that is local to the coffee farms. When the coffee cherries are ripe the worblers pick the berries and most likely get an extra boost from it.

Our cans are made from aluminum and are 100% recyclable. Just put them out with your normal curbside pickup or take them to your local recycling center. Our cans are way more sustainable than glass and PET. No doubt, plastic is bad! And the downside of glass is its weight. It is greener to transport aluminum cans because they are lightweight and can be packed tightly together.

It’s up to you when you’re Up to Good. There isn’t a bad time to enjoy Cascara; because it’s energizing, sparkling and refreshing, any time of the day is good. Caffeine before bed might not be ideal, but we won’t tell you what to do!

  • More antioxidants per gram than pomegranates, blueberries, or acai.
  • More potassium per gram than a banana.
  • More iron per gram than fresh spinach.
  • More fiber per gram than whole grain wheat flour.
  • More protein per gram than fresh kale.
  • Less fat and more fiber per gram than coconut flour.